The club has a thriving league structure – with 16 or more squash leagues of four/five players and 8 or more racketball leagues each month,  covering a wide range of levels from novices to very experienced players. Anyone can find their level and progress up through the leagues as they improve their game.

If you like the idea of playing regular competitive squash but are not sure where to start in the leagues, come along to a Sunday (squash) or Friday (racketball) club night and play against people of all standards who will help you decide where to start.

The first link below is for current league members. Because it contains names and contact details, it is password-protected. If you are not registered on the league website you will still be able to see the leagues, but not members’ telephone numbers. However, if you are registered on the League website and sign in, the leagues with phone numbers are accessible as soon as they have been created.

The “Squash and Racketball Leagues Website” link below takes you to a different website. To get full access, you need to register on the ‘Sports Desk’ site, save / write down your id, and then contact the club to obtain authorisation of your id. If you have not yet registered on this site and want to be able to see phone numbers, click “Click Here” on the Sports Desk Login  screen to join SportsDesk. Following registration and enabling of your code by the club, you will have access to members’ phone numbers online, and also the email addresses of those who have registered.

Squash and Racketball Leagues website
Daytime Squash League