WSRC during COVID-19

We have received the exciting news that the Squash and Racketball can return to normal play as of 1st September 2020 (with conditions).  Please see the England Squash Guidance on playing squash and racketball in Phase II of Return Play!  

Click here for England Squash Guidance on playing during COVID-19

Click here for WSRC COVID-19 Risk Assessment


If you are uncomfortable with these rules, please don’t play.  


What are we asking you to do when you play?

  • Come changed (except for your shoes), bring your own water and towel.

  • Enter the club through the key fob door and use the hand sanitiser on entry.

  • When your court time starts, take everything with you, and put it on the court whilst you play.

  • Each court booking is for an hour on MyCourts, but you must finish playing at 45mins to allow a 15-minute gap before the court is reused.

  • As you leave the court, wipe off any areas of sweat from where you may have bumped a wall (Do not spray the walls) and spray the door entry points (these do not need to be wiped).  Dispose of any cloths in the bins provided. 

  • Please, be sensible, do not overdo it.  We do not want anyone to get injured.


What is the Club doing to make things as safe as possible?

  • We have staggered court times to minimise cross over in the corridor and have a 15 min gap between the end of each court session.

  • We will clean the communal areas three times a day, including a wiping of the common surfaces (doors etc).

  • We will have the Club staffed while it is open to provide support to members

  • We have a COVID-19 Board Member (Julian Rhodes) who will continue to review what we are doing and make changes as things change or challenges emerge.

  • The club will be CASHLESS, so purchases will be contactless or credit card.

  • The Club is only open to members


What is like it was before?

  • The toilets are open, and will be cleaned regularly

  • Booking courts is as normal online BUT IN ORDER TO COMPLY WITH THE TRACK AND TRACE rules, you must highlight who else is on your booking.  All members playing on a court must be visible on My Courts.

  • We are still a very friendly club that values its members and are so grateful for your support during this period.  We want you to play, but we also only want you to play when you are comfortable.

  • We are mindful of our promise to offer recompense to members for the period the club was closed but you will appreciate that we are currently concentrating our efforts on getting the club open.


Our club is affiliated and partnering with the following organisations:

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