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SquashFit Bursary 

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The SquashFit bursary is funded by Buckinghamshire Youth Bank & The Nic Willoughby Funds, granted by Heart of Bucks, our community foundation.


SquashFit bursary is a grant funded programme which aims to:

  • Offer local children the opportunity to try a new sport, squash, in school and in a local, safe, club environment at Wycombe Squash & Racketball Club.

  • Improve and promote young people's physical, mental and emotional health with squash.

The SquashFit bursary includes:

  • club membership

  • coaching & equipment (shoes, racket and goggles)


Successful applicants will be required to take part in three simple questionnaires to allows us to assess activity levels, mental wellbeing / confidence (WEMWBS) and social cohesion;

  1. SquashFit Survey #1 (at the start of the bursary)

  2. SquashFit Survey #2 (at the halfway point of the bursary) 

  3. SquashFit Survey #3 (at the conclusion of the bursary)

Attendance records will be tracked.  All details will remain confidential.

For further information please contact Heidi Leseur 

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